Pieces of My Career

Diana Ferguson's proofreader and copy editor portfolio

Mountain Echoes - Edited Manuscript

Wedding Traditions - Proofed Essay

Superstretch - Proofed Book Review

Master the Sonata - Edited Essay

Proofreader & Copy Editor

Do you want to present work you can be proud of?

Over the years I’ve written and edited hundreds of business documents for Walmart, while also editing and proofreading essays and manuscripts for clients.

Using my passion for precision, I will check for:

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • syntax
  • missing or extra words
  • spelling
  • typos
  • and more


All while maintaining your voice. You can be confident in your work's accuracy with Artemis hunting errors for you!

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After checking out my editor portfolio, ensure your work is error-free with confidence.

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Phone: (352) 222-9079

E-mail: artemis54517@gmail.com